A new space for the new normal

Recently, Google announced the extension of its work from home option for its employees until June next year. Twitter and Facebook have already set forth that some of their employees would have the option of working from home permanently. Such announcements could influence other tech companies and large organizations to potentially make remote work permanent, especially keeping in mind the present situation where there is a constant fear about the risks of returning to offices.

With flexibility like this, we are looking at a changing corporate environment where both employees and employers are sure to enjoy some of the benefits like reduced traveling time, access to global talent from the company’s perspective, and most importantly the comfort of working from your own space.

With Bangalore being home to Electronic city which is considered to be one of the largest electronic/IT industrial parks in the country, We are sure to witness numerous firms adapting the work from home policies. Abhee Developers, as a part of their upcoming project, are thrilled to offer a family community of 112 elegant and picturesque Abhee Prakruthi – luxury villas in Chandapura. These 3 & 4BHK luxury villas in Bangalore are sure to provide you with the necessary space to give you a quality lifestyle and enable you to enjoy an uncompromising work from home experience.

In the long run, productivity can be a challenge if you’re working from home, A cluttered space can take a toll on your mental health as your personal space is converted to your office space and at times it might be difficult to differentiate the two also the numerous distractions of living in a closed cheap apartments can tamper with the flow of thoughts. Therefore, the right choice has to be made to look into a home that allows you to have more than a cramped up working space at a corner of a bedroom.

Prakruthi Villas are located amidst the lush greenery of Chandapura, ensuring there is minimum noise pollution and allowing you to have a work-friendly environment. Situated just ten minutes away from Electronic City, the community aims at being a neighborhood for professionals and families to network, share ideas, get assistance, and also being close to the office.

The world is not going to be the same post-pandemic and all the sectors including real-estate are building their strategies to keep up with the changed perception of the buyers. With work from home soon going to be the new norm, a professional would more likely be looking at an individual house for sale in Bangalore to meet an uncompromised lifestyle and have a better work-life balance in the long run.

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