An extra room can mean more smiles

City life is all about lack of space. You have to combine multiple purposes for one room as it is extremely difficult and cost-ineffective to buy a large & luxurious apartment in Bangalore.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful though? Having an extra room in your house to use however you wish? And not just spacious living indoors but outdoors too? All of this sounds far-fetched within the city, but Abhee is here to change that.

If you are looking for a luxury villas for sale in Bangalore, look no further than Abhee Prakruthi Villas – a delightful gated community of luxurious, value-for-money 3 & 4BHK villas in Chandapura, near Electronic City.

So if you are looking for villas instead of Abhee Nakshatra – the flats for sale in Sarjapur Road, then open up to the villa life and say goodbye to stuffy, cramped living that does not give you the freedom and happiness of space. We have curated a list of exciting, interesting ideas for the 4th room of your villa. Based on the needs and desires of your famiy, you can consider making it an extra bedroom, an office, a library, or even a gym. Read on to re-think your space!

More room to laze

However peaceful it might be, stress can catch up with you in your luxury villa in Electronic City. You can turn the room into a quiet, cozy corner where one can get comfortable with a book, beverage, and solitude. You can fill this room up with plush, cushioned seating that allows people to stretch themselves nicely.

More room for guests

The great part of our villas in Electronic City is that every member of your family gets their own space, even your guests. Your children can get their own room with space for an extra bedroom as well. You can convert this room into a study room for your children that can also accommodate your guests as and when needed.

More room for fun

We are sure you have always wanted a room just for fun – to get-together with your family after you have all had a long day. You can make this room into a media room with a home theatre set up. You could also put video games which the whole family can enjoy. If you want to take a less technological route, you can also make this a games room. You can decorate it wonderfully with all the board game your family loves along with indoor games like chess and carom.

More room to read

Very few things are as soothing as reading. If you love to read, we suggest you make a nice, cozy library and reading room. This will allow you to collect books your entire family likes to read and you can further encourage this invaluable habit. Get some functional, comfortable seating along with effective storage racks and shelves for the books. Add the perfect lighting and you have successfully created a reading nook in your own home.

More room to work out

A gym at home is the 21st century dream coming true, and what better way to achieve a fit lifestyle than converting your spare room into a home gym. You need not go all-out as you can tactfully plan around what you need. You can place a few, useful equipment that your entire family can enjoy.

More room to get things done

Carrying your work home with you need not be as unfortunate. Most of us have to get some amount of work done from home almost every day. So imagine you had a comfortable work-station of your own instead of camping on the dining table or challenging sleep while working on your bed. You can do up your home office with cute cabinets and shelves. You can even place posters, paintings, and plants to set the right vibe for productivity.

These were a few ideas to make use of your extra bedroom, which we feel is a fantastic blessing to have as we could all do with space to call our own. So why settle for less when you can upgrade to the villa life while enjoying the best of connectivity too? Come home to the freedom of space. Come home to Abhee Prakruthi Villas by the leading real estate developer in Bangalore.

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