Be it work from home or office, balance is key

Whichever space or sector we are working in, work-life balance has always been something every individual has tried to discover for themselves. Even the ones who love the work they are doing feel the need to take a break every once in a while. With technology becoming a greater part of our lives, we find ourselves bringing work home and investing mental (and even physical) energy in work more than usual. This pandemic and crisis has led to most of us setting up workstations at home. Work from home culture was on the rise and it received its strongest push in these times of social distancing. With it, work-life balance becomes an even greater discovery to be made.
Being one of the top real estate builders in Bangalore, we at Abhee Developers asked a few of our happy customers for their thoughts, sharing our insights on work-life balance as well.

“The first thing is, work-life balance doesn’t exist.”, says a resident of a Abhee Nandana apartment on Haralur Road. According to her, the balance is an ever-going journey and is something we can always improve. The first step is prioritizing your tasks. We have multiple things to do in a day – from home to work back to home again. We need to analyse the importance of these tasks at hand and prioritize them as per their deadlines. This helps us separate the different things we need to do in a day, and allows us to think, “not today, we will do this another time.” It is essential to focus on what you are doing, leaving out the other commitments you have. This helps you spend quality time at home as well as be productive at work. In line with this, a resident of a 4BHK luxury villa in Chandapura says, “I stay 10 minutes away from Electronic City. So travel has never been a hassle for me. But even then, time management is extremely important.” As you prioritize your tasks, you must simultaneously map out the time you will take to do certain things. This will help you work better and thereby leave work on time – mentally and physically.

As we increasingly work from home in the post-Covid era, we must learn to use technology as a tool – for work as well as for one’s self. Yes, we are more accessible than ever but that does not mean we can compromise our well-being and work through the day. It is important to be enthusiastic about work, but it is equally important to take time off. “I make it a point to stop checking emails post my late-evening tea. Whatever it is can wait, as I will be in better shape to tackle it the next day.”, says a marketing executive in a 3BHK cheap flats in Chandapura. It is essential to spend quality time outside our work to nourish and refresh our mind & body. This could be some downtime with the family, reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a game of table tennis in the clubhouse.

As said before, the perfect work-life balance does not exists, but it is for us to keep working on. It not only helps us be better employees but also enjoy life to a greater extent. We hope that this article finds you & your family safe, comfortable, and optimistic. Together, we will overcome this crisis.

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