Benefits of living near your workplace 

Have you ever gotten late for important meetings? Got stuck in traffic right in the morning? Left your house 2 hours before work? Many of us spend hours behind the wheel every morning and evening, thinking about all the things we’d have done had we not been stuck in traffic. One solution for all these problems is living near your workplace. For example, if you work in Electronic City, then your priority should be finding luxury villas near electronic city in Bangalore.
There are plenty of reasons which should tell you why living near your workplace is a great idea.


The health condition of people with corporate jobs is known to deteriorate over time. The main reason behind this is the lack of exercise. In a 9-5 job, rarely anyone gets the time to do anything else.
However, if you live close to work, not only can you walk or cycle to work, but also take out some time from your day and dedicate it to exercising. All those hours that you spend in your commute can finally be used to do something for yourself!

2.Saves time

According to a study, Indians spend around 2 hours every day on their commute to work. Along with this comes the added stress of being late for a meeting, or missing your daily bus or metro.
Now imagine all the time you’d save and all the things you’d do if you lived closer to work.
Be it playing board games with your kids, spending quality time with your parents, or catching up with friends! Living closer to work gives you productive hours and stress-free life.

3.Helps in becoming a star employee

Never forget any file behind and never get late to work.
Be it rain or snow, you’ll always reach work on time and that’s something that will make you reliable.
Reliability is a great asset to have in the corporate world and is a sure-shot way of getting that promotion you’ve been eyeing!

4.Saves money

All the money that goes into your commute, be it cab fare or fuel prices, will be saved if your house is near your workplace.This is beneficial especially for those who own a personal vehicle. Now you don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pockets because of the ever-rising fuel costs.

Now be it an luxury apartment in Haralur Road or an independent house near electronic city or flats for sale in Sarjapur Road, try looking for one close to your office. This gives you higher chances of finding good schools, marketplaces, recreation centres, and other things your family needs.
The good thing is that real estate builder in Bangalore has got you covered.

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