How To Ensure You Have Found The Right Property?

If you have been looking to invest in real estate in Bangalore, you know there are a variety of things to consider, and it can all get quite overwhelming. Right from the location & features of your luxury apartment in Bangalore to more specific factors like construction timeline and whether all legalities are in place.

Finding the right property that works as the perfect home as well as the right investment can be challenging. The advantage of looking at projects by top builders in Bangalore is that a lot of questions are answered because of the trust they have built over the years, and their landmarks that speak for themselves. We have combined a list of key questions that you must get answers for from your builder, so that you can find your dream home with ease.

Q. What is the past record of the builder?

As modern housing needs evolve, there are a surprising number of builders who are solely here to take advantage of a booming market. These ‘fly-by-night’ builders often enter into this space without knowing all the challenges and eventually block your investment by abandoning the project before it is completed. Another type of builders might just set up a few low-quality projects that do not live up to the promises made. When looking to invest in a project, ensure to know of their past projects. Go with a builder who has earned the trust of homeowners with their creations. Try going for builders who have a variety of projects under their belt, from luxury villas in Bangalore for sale to affordable flats in Bangalore.

Q. Are all the approvals in place?

Investing in your own home is a big decision – financially, personally, and emotionally. So be particular about the legalities involved as it is a decision that will affect not just your present but your future too! Some of the approvals you should ask your builder about are:
● Building approval
● Water, environment, and pollution board approvals & clearances
● Height clearance
● No Objection Certificates from development authorities

In some instances, developers start construction before their complete acquisition of the land has been completed. If your flat or home is in a portion of the project that still has to be acquired by the builder, you could land yourself in a legal mess. Ensure there is a proper agreement in place with your builder along with a title of the land deed that states the owners clearly.

Q. What is the payment plan?

It is essential to check the financial schemes offered by the builders while also verifying their credibility by looking at the banks associated with the financing of these projects. Their past records add to the trust of these entities and should affect your willingness to invest.
Do not forget to confirm the payment plan as well. Find out whether the payment plan is construction-linked – where you pay as construction of each floor is completed, or whether it is a possession-linked plan where you pay a certain percentage while booking and the rest on possession.

Q. What are your construction plans and timelines?

Another vital answer you should look for is the construction schedule of the project along with the past performance of the builder in terms of delivering on time. Before you commit, ask the schedule from the builder – what was the start date and what is the proposed date of completion? This avoids an additional cost burden at your end in case the timelines do not work for you. They also hold the builder to their commitments, ensuring they do not keep delaying the completion.

As you confirm these, it is always good practice to also ask the builder the break-up of common areas and built-up areas, which will give you a definite idea about the size of the home concerned and protects you from any false notions about the space you are investing in.

Buying a home changes your life, so do not rush into it and do not hesitate to clear all your doubts & queries. The right builder will not have any trouble providing answers to all your questions. We at ABHEE Developers have over 6 successfully completed projects catering to over 500 happy families. We keep our customers at the center of what we do, and do not compromise on our quality or your trust. It is why we have seen successful projects like luxury flats for sale in Sarjapur Road or Abhee Nandana. From timely construction and transparency to best-in-class features and convenient payment schemes, come find your dream home with ABHEE.