Our efforts unite for a stronger tomorrow!

As unfortunate circumstances often do, the Corona pandemic has also brought out the best in the human spirit. Crores of lives face the risk of a deadly virus and at the same time, crores more are uniting (maybe in isolation) to fight these difficult times. No individual and no sector has been spared – from real estate builder in Bangalore to tourism in Madrid. Lives & livelihoods hang in the balance, but tomorrow will be brighter & stronger as we stand together.

Our medical professionals are bravely putting their own lives at risk and tackling the virus head-on. Not just them, but even their family & friends are giving them the essential support they need to go to work everyday with a brave face. Their dedication and diligence is greatly helping our country combat the spreading Covid-19 virus.

Public officials are also playing a great role upholding public safety while maintaining law & order across the country. It is because of their commitment to society that we are able to be safe & sound in our own homes, be it an independent house in Chandapura or a flat in Sarjapur Road. The selflessness and sacrifice of our medical professionals and public officials will not go unnoticed.

All across the country and the world, individuals too are doing their bit to help overcome this crisis. From feeding the less fortunate and providing shelter to stray animals, to citizen-led donation drives, our country is putting its hands together (not literally of course) to rise past this as one. Even if citizens are unable to go out of their way to help others in need, by doing our bit and staying at home, we are contributing to the fight. Maintaining social distancing and isolation as much as possible is a seemingly small, yet crucial step in our fight against the coronavirus. Whether you are working from home even in your villa near Electronic City or limiting your visits to the grocery stores from your 2BHK apartments on Haralur Road, you are making a significant impact in efforts to a healthier tomorrow.

We at Abhee Developers have also taken a few steps to create a safer, better future. Not only are we doing our best to support our employees and stakeholders as much as we can in these challenging times, we are also aiming to create a safe experience for our customers. So whether you are looking for a 4BHK luxury villas in Chandapura or a ready-to-move-in home on Haralur Road, your home-buying experience will be safe, smooth, and comfortable. We have recently enhanced our corporate website to give you a better online experience. You can preview our projects, finding essential details & descriptions regarding the same on our website and integrated project pages. We have also integrated a live chat support with our sales staff to easily identify your needs and give you customised home solutions. Our online booking portals are also up and running, only to be further enhanced in the days to come.

We hope you are following all the safety guidelines issued by our state governments and central authorities. Let us unite in spirit and in action to create a safer today and a healthier, stronger, and better tomorrow!

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