Setting Up Your Home Office

‘Home is where the heart is’ is a well-known saying but in the recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are trying hard to balance their personal and professional life. Whether you live in villas in Bangalore or individual houses or apartments – your home has become your office now. Work from home or WFH as popularly called is the most uttered word from the tongues of the employees.

Work from home may sound comforting in the beginning but over time, it may burn you out. At home, one has to go through different range of emotions alongside the work pressure which takes a toll on the mental stability of a person. Work from home has its own perks like saving travelling expense, lunch expense, house rent expense if you are working from a remote location. The ultimate solution to make work from home a joyous experience is by having a proper set up. Let us find out in detail regarding setting up your home office.

1.The place

The first and most important thing is picking the right spot. It is not possible for everyone to have an individual room or space all by themselves but it is ideal if you find a place where you can be away from distraction and have some privacy. The most important problem is getting hooked on to the television, so make sure you have picked your work space far from television sets.

2.The Window seat

Just like catching a window seat in your train journey, make sure you set up your work station near the window. Working under the natural sunlight not only saves electricity but also gives positive mood to work. It is also advisable to sit near the window and have short glance at the outside world, the tress, birds, etc. instead of staring at a wall in a closed house.

3.Facilitate productivity

Basic requirement for work from home is laptop and internet but if you back the basic requirement with necessary supplements, the productivity will increase manifold. The supplements could be multiple power sockets, extension box, adjustable chair, good internet connection. It is advisable to have wider space which facilitates admission for printer, laptop, internet connection simultaneously.


Since it is an eight-hour long work, you should make sure that you take care of your spine. It is a must to invest on a comfortable chair which gives comfort to you. If it doesn’t fall under your budget, make sure you get a chair with arms which will save bit of physical stress. It is advisable to carry out a physical activity to keep your fitness intact.


Apart from comfort, basics, window seat, you need to focus on the surroundings as well, spend some time on the interior design. Fill the wall with your favourite things like posters, motivational quotes, photo frames.

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