We are all in this together

Not just Bengaluru or India, but the entire world has been unimaginably affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Be it real estate builder in Bangalore or tourism in Rome, the global economy and society are in deep seas. All’s not lost however. We have brave souls who are fighting the fight everyday, for all of us and for a better tomorrow. From medical professionals putting their lives second to ours, police and other public officials who are maintaining law & order in such challenging times, the media doing its best to keep us informed, labourers and migrant workers who are marching us forward, right down to the general population – following safety guidelines and social lockdowns, uniting in isolation to overcome the pandemic’s grasp. Let’s face it, being at home 24×7 is a scenario nobody would have imagined. We are blessed to stay in the comfort of our own home, but it is not easy considering the interconnected, fast-paced lifestyles most of us lead. This pandemic has affected people from all walks of life, whether you reside in a 2BHK in a swanky suburb of Mumbai or a 3BHK villa in Chandapura, Bangalore.

Yes the pandemic has got us all locked in and trying our best to stay positive. Positivity is essential right now, and will be a crucial tool in our fight against this crisis. So being isolated in our own homes, there are a few things individuals and families can do to keep our spirits wrong. You might live in an cheap & affordable flat in Chandapura, Bangalore or a luxury apartment in Harlur Road, Bangalore, these few pointers can help you stay strong, while you stay safe.

Remember,we are all isolated, together.

We are all going through this crisis. Some might be more affected than others, but it is considerably bad for everybody. Do not let this get you down, but serve as a motivator for you to cheer people up instead. Reach out to your neighbours, friends, and family through a phone/video call or an instant message. Interact with your dear ones as much as possible, and not just the ones you are isolated with. Do not forget to spend quality time with them of course.

Give yourself some time too

It might seem hopeless, but you can use some of this time to spend with yourself too. Read that book you have always wanted to, or watch that extremely long yet fascinating movie trilogy. Get back the hobby you could not make time for. Or just relax. It’s also equally okay to not pressure yourself into being productive and just take some time off to do nothing.

Don’t forget your health.

How much ever important it is to slack off in these difficult times, you cannot let your health be affected. Take some time out to exercise and get your family to do so too. You can do freehand exercises or refresh yourself with some yoga. Video streaming sites and fitness apps are also a great way to break a sweat. Taking care of your physical health has a positive impact on your mental health too. Ensure your family and you are eating healthy as well. Supplies may not be as smooth as before right now but do not sacrifice on what you eat, as much as you can.

Lastly, stay strong and hope for the best.

The future seems more uncertain than it has ever seemed in our lifetime. However, losing hope is the last thing we can afford to do. Let us do as much as we can as individuals, contributing to the cause and maintaining proper standards of safety and hygiene. Let us get behind those who are tackling the pandemic head on and always remember that unity is our greatest strength, and we will get past this together, even though we cannot be together right now. We at Abhee Developers hope your family and you are safe & sound. We wish you all the very best and know that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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