Why wouldn’t you want your own villa in Bangalore?

A few years back, owning 3 BHK or 4 BHK luxury villas in Bangalore dropped people’s jaws because these villas were either in some remote corner of the city or squeezed pockets dry. Looking at the real estate market today, there are quite a few players who are innovating and offering affordable luxury in the space. Among the assortment of properties, there are luxury apartment in bangalore, eco-centric apartments, and even luxury villas for sale in Bangalore. Real estate builders in Bangalore like Abhee Developers have elevated the real estate space with luxurious villas 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas in Electronic City that are also a blessing for your pocket. So why would, or rather should one stop settling for less and start living the villa life?

Luxury of freedom

Villas somehow manifest the idea of a dream home. Maybe it’s being unrestricted by square feet, modern luxuries, or living in a delightfully spacious gated community. Or maybe it’s a combination of it all. Villas give you the freedom of designing your space, your own way. It allows you to experience the finer things in life as you decorate your interiors. Whether you want a 3BHK villa in Bangalore or a 4BHK, pioneering builders today offer you gated communities of villas that are designed with the 21st century lifestyle. Abhee Prakruthi offers you eco-luxurious villas for sale near Electronic City that give you the best of infrastructure, amenities, and super-spaciousness all near the city.

Location, location, and appreciation

The metropolitan life might seem fast and exciting, but after a point doesn’t the cooped-up living, insufficient space, and constant, endless traffic get exhausting? The thing about gated communities in Bangalore is that they are often located in the suburbs of a city, assuring you a life of peace without losing out on the city life that we all enjoy from time to time. Suburban villas offer you nature-centric lifestyles that are idea for families. Looking at it from an investment point of view as well, areas not in the heartland of a city have a greater scope of appreciation. 3BHK villas in Electronic City or Hebbal will see significant appreciation rates than a studio apartment in a hustling, cosmopolitan neighbourhood. Not only is it ideal for living today, it is also growing fast and will witness only improved in the years to connectivity me.

Life on your own terms

Not that living in close proximity to people is a bad thing, but privacy is something we all love and value. Villas are the perfect offering in that way considering you can enjoy a great deal of privacy while simultaneously being a part of a community. You can host a dinner party in your spacious villa without any disturbances. That very evening, you can walk down to the club house and battle out a game of TT with your friends.

Peace with security

Villas are quite often mistaken to be isolated grandness and thereby inviting danger. One might feel they are exposed to the outside world and need to protect their home from unwelcomed break-ins. That’s the beauty of gated communities like Abhee Prakruthi Villas. The luxuries you can enjoy here include sound sleep at night because of 24×7 surveillance and proper security infrastructure in place.

The villa life means having the best of everything – location, luxury, and nature. And that’s exactly what you get at Abhee Prakruthi Villas, just 10 minutes from Electronic City. Get in touch with us and live the villa life today!

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